OFF Bratislava

8 - 22 NOV 2024


The 15th edition of the festival OFF Bratislava, entitled PERSONA INCOGNITA, delves into the complexity of veiled identities and hidden characters. It explores themes of cognition and self-discovery. Since ancient times, humans have wanted to hold a mirror to the images of their own self – egos, in order to hide their own identity. The mask, a phenomenon that crosses all cultures and the entire history of the human species, constantly accompanies us regardless of time or geographical limitations. The mask is created by a human-artist not only out of a desire to return to the original roots and myths, but also as a way of coming to terms with oneself. A mask is a kind of sophisticated form of penetrating the secrets of one's own existence and reshaping its foundations and laws.

Festival z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.

Nad podujatím prebral záštitu primátor hlavného mesta SR Bratislava.