The festival OFF Bratislava acquires its uniqueness by being a platform for fresh talents from the photography scene. Since its inception, the aim of the event has been to create optimum conditions for the promotion and support of emerging artists working in the field of photography and new media. The festival started in 2010 and during its 13-year history it has been dealing with various social subjects. It has thus stimulated contemplation, for example, on the ideology of dogma, the mystery of birth, the revolutionary manifesto, the archive of the future, the generation Y, the force of migration, or the human impact on the ecosystem of our planet.

The fourteenth year, under the title “The House of Plausible, Probable, Possible and Preferable Futures”, will be about a vision of the third millennium. Art always had the power to foretell the future. Through creative and artistic thinking visionaries always contributed to scientific predictions. Thanks to technological developments art has the possibility to progress, advance, and evolve within new mediums and platforms. New formats of expression are allowing humans to manifest themselves in a way that reflects the technological advancements of the era. The vision of the future world is open, multifaceted, and contradictory and brings countless possibilities for interpretation in your storytelling.


The OFF Bratislava festival publication activity involves three volumes of the awarded series review, ON Award 2010 - 2012, ON Award 2013 - 2015 and the more extensive ON Award 2010 - 2018. Upon the decision of an expert four-member jury, the ON Award is annually given to an artist for a progressive and inventive work in the field of photography and new media.

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