Open call 2020


OFF Bratislava 2020 with the theme Born from Sea Foam attempts to reveal secrets of the very beginning of everything that surrounds us and builds us. Birth or reproduction is the basic principle of life and it can be considered synonym of creation when a new independent entity comes to life. We can speak about the beginning of a new existence and as such its balancing counterpart, from the linguistic and logical point of view, is the end, which can also be called death. How much is the genesis determined ahead and how much it is a matter of chance? That is a philosophical and scientific question.

The eleventh festival does not aim to find a universal answer. We are interested in the phenomenon itself, varieties of birth, creation, or beginning of something and the consequences in the time and space. We look for the artistic reflection of birth and the following existence. After all, the art itself represents a platform where the process of creation takes place. As such, it operates with the unique immanent experience.

How much is this experience transferable into other spheres of existence? Does origin of something immaterial have the same impact in the material world as formation of atoms and molecules into a particular shape? Is it inevitable that something terminates for something new to appear? Do human beings have a right to consider themselves creators? Do they have a right to decide about termination of anything, be it just something they regard the result of their own creative process?

Be it a sphere of mythology, technology, or politics, we can apply the idea of birth, in direct or figurative meaning, in each of them. If we focus our discussion on geniture either from cultural, religious, or scientific point of view, will its principles and rules be similar or completely different? Would they find a common ground already in the process of origin or in the result itself? Or we only find the accord in destruction and the follow-up rebirth? Will we be able to understand existence better when we comprehend its genesis? These and many other questions regarding the considered problem will be in the center of our focus in November 2020, during the entire festival of contemporary photography OFF Bratislava.

Submit your project referring to the abovementioned theme by June 26th 2020 by sending an electronic application form. Submitted proposals must contain information about the artist, contact person, project/work details, and installation

Payment of the registration fee € 19/OFF Bratislava exhibition, € 49/OFF Academy exhibition, € 39/OFF Satellite exhibition is only possible via Paypal. You will be automatically redirected after having submitted the application form. By submitting the application form, the applicant agrees to the General Terms and Conditions, OFF Bratislava. Confirmation of received application will be sent to your e-mail address. This is to inform you that your application has been successfully completed and submitted. In case, you receive no e-mail with the confirmation, check your spam.

From among received projects, the OFF Bratislava board subsequently selects the festival program to be presented during November 2020. Artists/curators will be informed by 15 July 2020 about results and follow-up procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions at

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