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The jubilee tenth year of OFF Bratislava, titled dogmatiX, aims to create a space for examining ideological dogmas, social prejudices and institutionalized points of view. The festival invites artists to address settled and established opinions and principles and to discuss official tenet systems concerning faith, morals and behavior. The festival is ready to question particular doctrines that have been authoritatively laid down, prescribed and proclaimed as unquestionably true by certain social groups.

A firmly-set authoritative opinion, statement or principle: this is the general definition of the Greek word dogma. Originally it did not have a specifically negative context, rather the opposite. For religious ideologies it stands as guarantee of possible redemption; something that is worthy of trust. However, in modern society’s vocabulary this concept carries a rather negative connotation.

There is a very thin line between dogma and truth. The one that has become increasingly outmoded over the course of time is dogma. But before this has happened dogmas are often used as an argument for usurpation of justice and committing iniquities. A society with such experience is often cautious about dogmas. Still, how well are we able to differentiate between purpose-built statements and facts or question an opinion of someone in power? And is it always in the interest of human society to distinguish between dogma and objective reality? Those who believe usually do not want to question their beliefs. For certain groups of people their beliefs, even contradicting rational thinking, can be an effective tool of survival, offering feelings of solidarity and security. As long as this does not restrict the right of others to differing opinions, such illusion does not need to be considered as clearly negative.

The truth is that even when we can distinguish belief in a dogma from reality our attitude towards it can vary. We can try to ignore, criticize, fight against it or even approve it. In this regard, art has always represented a very active instrument, either as propaganda for a particular dogma or in its opposition. It is art’s ability to communicate with masses through aesthetic experience that gives it the crucial power to convince. Sometimes even a simple observation of matters, free of judgement, can be sufficient. What dogmas, prejudices or authoritative statements inspire contemporary photography and media when they can freely reflect on them?

Submit your project referring to the abovementioned theme by 15 June 2019 by sending an electronic application form. Submitted proposals must contain information about the artist, contact person, project/work details, and installation

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From among received projects, the OFF Bratislava board subsequently selects the OFF Bratislava program to be presented during November 2019. Artists/curators will be informed by 15 July 2019 about results and follow-up procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions at