Upon the decision of an expert four‑member jury, the LEE Award is given to an artist for a progressive and inventive work in the field of photography and new media. The partnership, based on shared values, was established between the OFF Bratislava festival and the LEE brand. It will reinforce the effort to offer optimum conditions of support and promotion. Together with the LEE Award, an original piece by the ceramist Simona Janišová, the winner will also receive a 5000 Euro prize.


In 2020 the jury gave the inaugural LEE Award to Soraya Zaman for the project American Boys. In their colour portraits they try to reveal the world of the transmasculine community in the United States in a supporting and sincere way. They capture their subjects, aged 18 to 35, at distinct stages of their transformation.

The LEE Award jury members were: Joe Bugni, Maya Hristova, Dušan Kochol and Lorena Moreno Vera.

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